The RCES Center focuses on six primary project areas:

Advanced Systems: Develop proposals to external agencies to generate research and development funding, create jobs, and accelerate technology development and transfer.
Innovation Development: Develop and establish partnerships with cyber- security, energy companies, and industry and complementary stakeholders. Our reasearch is supported by generated sponsorship revenue.
Products and Services: Offer products and services based on our research and development to produce revenue and promote job creation within the Center and the surrounding area, benefiting the university and the region.
Standards and Interoperability: Participate in, contribute to, and influence standards and interoperability guidelines in cyber, cyber-physical, and energy security at the national and international level. Currently, our participation includes the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) in addition to other cyber, cyber-physical, and energy-related standards bodies.
Training and Workshops: Povide world-class training and education in cyber, cyber-physical, and energy security, in the Paso Del Norte region and beyond.
Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management: Develop processes to enable cyber and energy sector stakeholders to more thoroughly assess vulnerabilities, better manage risk, and deploy more resilient systems of systems (SoS).